Long hair story

by Rohit Bol

Naughty Indian – My wife’s longhair friend.

Normal day at the office, being Friday everyone was chilling around. Got a call from my wife, inquired how the food, howz the day going, what time would you be coming home etc. Later she said that her friend N is coming tomorrow, she would be staying at our place for 2 days. N has a conference to attend on Monday and the reason she is coming to Pune. I barely reminder who N is and inquire who N is. She informed be that N and she were best buddies in college; they were roommates (8 years ago). I still couldn’t make out or recall. Then she said “arre baba who lambe baal wali, north Indian, straight long hair. Now do you recall?” (Just the word the sound the thought of longhair makes me crazy. Since I was a kid, I adore longhair and that kid grew up to be a long hair crazy fetish). I was super excited but I did not express my feeling and just said “yes, but I don’t recall her face or anything”. I had seen few old pics of N. She had very long hair, natural straight long hair but that was 8 years ago. “Is she coming with her family” was my question to inquire about her relationship status. No, she is coming alone. Would be dropping her kid at her mom’s place and her husband has gone is on business trip.

Couldn’t wait for Friday to get over. I reached home around 8, had dinner etc. I so very much wanted to talk about N, her visit etc but hesitated. I knew my wife would discuss about her, her accommodation etc and I was waiting for her. And, she finally did. We have to pick N up at the airport tomorrow at 7 am. After breakfast N and me would be leaving for shopping. We would have lunch outside and in the evening you pick us up, N wants to see movie and after the movie we would have dinner together. In was thinking how much time I have to see her longhair. I wanted to inquire if she still has long hair or weather she has chopped it. But couldn’t. Could barely sleep all night, the only thing I was thinking about was N, her long hair, what if it’s not long. I haven’t every met N personally, this would be the first time. I looked at the clock and it was 3 am. Flight in 4 hours, yay!! I slept. My wife came to wake me up. It was bright sunny outside. I glanced at the clock, it was 11:00 am WTF. She informed me that breakfast is on table and they are leaving. THEY??? She informed me since I was sleeping she went alone to pick N up at the airport. Did already had their breakfast and leaving for shopping. I wanted to jump out of bed, go outside and see N. Not actually N but her HAIR. My wife left, kept the door open and I could hear them both chatting but couldn’t see them. My wife called “bye, honey” and locked the door. Such a dick I am, I should have kept an alarm. I fucked up everything. I got up, did the regular stuff and had breakfast. Around 1 pm my wife called to inquire what I would be ordering for lunch, I asked what you would be having. She said they already had their lunch, nothing much, just sandwich, juice etc. I was in no mood for any food, I wanted to see N. I inquired when would you be done with your shopping and stuff. She said she has no clue, it’s up to N. She said N wanted to meet you in morning but you were sleeping so I didn’t wake you up. WHY???? She said she has booked 3 tickets, the movie show is around 6 so probably would have to pick them up around 5. Four more hours……… Around 2 the maid came, she inquired were my wife and her friend is? Her friend?? How do you know her I asked? The maid said she was here in the morning to help my wife with stuff since her friend was coming. They has giving her a jacket which belonged to N for ironing. I took the jacket and paid her. Maid asked when would they be coming back. I informed later tonight, we are going for movie, then dinner. She said “acchi main memsab ke friend” – my wife’s friend is good. I inquired good in what ways? She said she looks good, tall, friendly, treated her well and all. I so much wanted to ask the maid ABOUT HER HAIR, ABOUT N’s HAIR. She left.

3 more hours. I opened the jacket to hang it in hanger and place it in the guest room. I went inside the guest room and there were 2 bags, obviously those would be N’s . I opened the wardrobe to place her jacket and pulled the hanger to hang it. While doing so I saw a hair, single hair inside the jacket. OMG, this would be N’s hair. I carefully placed the jacket on the bed. Got hold of the hair from one end and pulled it out. O FUCK O FUCK I placed the hair against the white wall to check the length, I was holding it at my shoulder height and the other end was touching the FLOOR. I WANTS TO SEE N NOW. I HAVE THE CONFIRMATION SHE STILL HAS LONG HIAR. WOOO-HOOOOO.

I was eagerly waiting for my wife’s call NOW. The only thing on my mind was N – her long hair. What hair style would she be wearing, braid, open, bun, loose bun, oily bun, I was going crazy. If N was in front of my at present, I would have hard fucked her LOL.

Part 2.

The wait was just killing me, every second felt like an hour. I was going crazy. I want to meet and see N. Suddenly it struck me.......if I have seen her pic earlier, SHOULD STILL HAVE IT. It probably was on my wife's cell. That was an old cell phone and she backs up her data regularly. I got my wife's laptop. SEARCHED like crazy AND finally there she was. Just few pics but THERE SHE WAS. The 1st pic was in a black top, I could see a huge atom bun behind her ears. OMG I thought, why all this years I never searched for her or met her. The 2nd pic - her hands on her bun probably removing the clips that were hold the huge mass. The 3rd pic - killed me, a full lenght pic from backside. My penis just went from to 6 inch in 1 sec LOL. How to discribe the pic?? It was a blue wall, N standing facing he blue wall. Her hair, her natural hair, natural curvy hair were touching her knees. Well trimmed at the end. THICK mass that covered her entire body. The only body part that were visible from behind were her legs, rest all covered in her black, thick, natural HAIR. I unzip my pants and started thursting my cock up and down. I wanted to throw all my sperm on her hair. Faster and faster I was running my fingers on my dick. My other hand still on the arrow key and unintentanally I hit next AND my I ejaculated. The 4th pic was of her kissing her hair, her hair covering her half face and all on one side. Such satisfaction I had. I copied the pics on my cell and locked it. An hour passed and I got obsessed with her again. Saw the pics on my cell again. The only thing I wanted in life now was to fuck N, fuck N's hair but what of the hair that was on her jackets someone elses? I removed the thought from my mind. The hair has to be hers. PLEASE.

Finally my wife called. Just one ring and I picked it up. I was holding my cell and looking at N's pics. Her said they are done with shopping and please come fast to pick us up. We have a movie to catch. I was already in my car, was just waiting for her signal and started it. I drove like crazy, as fast as I could to reach and meet N. My wife called, said I can see the car, just park it and we will get in. I saw my wife and stopped the car on the side to pick her up BUT where the hell was the person I was going crazy? Where the hell is N??? Before I asked my wife told me that N has given her dress for alternation and has gone to collect it. I was facing my wife but actually looking outside the car window and searching for N. I don’t want to miss any glimpse of her. The door behind me opened and N said sorry to keep you waiting. I was watching the other side and she came from behind. My wife introduced us. N this is Rohit, Rohit this is N. She was just sitting behind me. Just turned and said hello and started the car. I quick look at her, no bun, I think the hair was tied behind her neck, a buckle holding it maybe. I wanted to see more. Looked at the rear view mirror, same thing, same look was visible. I thought about the jacket, the hair that I collected from it. That was single hair, I want to see the whole bunch. I kept looking in the rear view mirror or quick glance. She was so desperate to meeting you Rohit, every now and then she would ask my when your husband is going to come. Said my wife. I looked at the rear view mirror and smiled at her. She gave a smile back. My wife said “Rohit she wants to go on a date with you” and started laughing. I was feeling so shy. Then my wife said “when I showed N her room today morning, she got upset and said she doesn’t want to stay in this room but instead would sleep in between, between you and me” and started laughing again. These were the jokes they cracked. (Well, it was a joke for my wife, N was pretty serious, you would know later, don’t want to disclose it now). We reached the movie theater, dropped them and I went to park. Wife called, I was in the parking lot, she said N forgot her cell phone, please bring it. I parked, search the back seat and got her N’s cell. Started it saw her wallpaper. Probably her kid. Tried to open it, but was locked . I went upstairs and GOT THE OPPRTUNITY. Saw her hair. The pics I had seen and saved on my cell, her hair were longer then that. Her hair was nearly touching the ground. A single clip holding all of those, which was placed behind her neck. I wanted to get near her, I wished the entire world pause now, except me and I would do all sort of wild things with her hair. Her hair from the pics were natural curvy hair. The hair in front of me were straight. Probably got them straightened. I was wondering how anyone would not notice such a beautiful site. I reached were they were standing, greeted them with hello and handed N her cell phone. My wife handed her purse and they both went to freshen up. They came back in 5 – 10 min. N’s hair style was changed. Now a pencil kinda thing was holding all the hair. A huge bun that was visible. I wish she would have tied those hair in front, I wish I was the one who helped her tie the bun, I wish instead of the pencil that was in her hair, my dick was covered with her hair. I was going crazy. N said “I don’t want my hair to get tangled in the chair so I tied it.” She was telling this to my wife and I was enjoying the bun view. It was bigger then her face. I was wondering how a single pencil was holding it. I wanted to pull the pencil and let all the hair fall down and when they fall down, I want to be under it, my dick in her vagina and she sitting on my lap. Wow. I asked them to leave and suggest I get something to eat. They left, I was watching N from behind while they walked away. Got things to eat and went inside. I hope N was sitting in middle. She wasn’t, she was sitting at the end, my wife next to her and the vacant seat next o my wife, mine. . Movie started, I was looking at the screen but my mind was someplace else . Interval, N got up, so did my wife and they walk pass me. N looked at me, smiled and asked me “Kaisi lagi” (how is it). I wanted to answer saying “to to bahut sexy lagi, kya baal hai tere” (you look very sexy, love you hair). I knew she was inquiring about the movie and I said “ok ok pretty predictable” and she agreed. My wife was waiting for her and called her. They left. Movie started and the lights off. I saw them both entering, it was dark and they were taking slow steps. I waved and guided them. They entered the row with N leading. I don’t know intentionally or mistake N sat next to me, my wife came and said “that’s my place but it’s ok, I’ll sit in yours. My wife sat, I looked from behind, couldn’t see her. N’s hair bun was blocking the view. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. Wanted to grab the bun with both hands and inset my dick in it. My hand was resting on the side, N hand touched mine and I said sorry, she looked at me and said no issues, keep. But I didn’t. N got up, said something to me wife and went out. I asked what happen, my wife said “she went out to make a call” A few min passed and my cell vibrated. Single vibration and I knew it would be a txt message. Again in few min it vibrated again. I pulled it out and it was whatsapp. I slided the notification bar, unknown number, someone not in my list sent a message. I heart started beating fast when I read the message. It said “I know you like my hair” 2nd message said “I saw the way you were looking at it” OMG, I was sure this was N. My wife asked who is it, I said “HDFC, from bank”. I saw N entering the hall. Everyone adjusted themselves to let her pass. She was facing the screen and walking slowly. Suddenly she sat on my lap. The face got covered in her bun, I took a deep breath. Wow what lovely smell it was. She said “O sorry, I am so sorry, its dark and I thought this was my seat, sorry.” And move to the next seat. I knew this was intentional. After sometime she came closer to my ear and whispered “maza aya?” (did you enjoy it?). Was very smart the way she asked, no one could have suspected. I was so scared, what if she tells my wife the way I was looking at her hair. I was there sitting like a statue. Super scared.

Part 3:

The movie got over and we stood up. Started walking, N behind me and my wife behind her. We crossed the row we were sitting in and N crossed me and came in front of me. We were walking down to the exit. N in the front, me behind her and my wife behind me. Every now and then N would touch her bun, to adjust it. She was just right in front of me. The queue was going slowly. I loved the sight. It was very crowded, all the lights weren’t even on. N still playing with her bun. The view was making me crazy, I had an erection. There was a push from behind, my wife got the push and she pushed me forward. I almost hugged N. Got the chance to smell her bun again and felt her ass on my dick. I said sorry, someone pushed from behind. She gave me a wicked smile. To avoid any further push my wife crossed me and went in front of me. She blocked the view now. N stopped playing with her hair. We were out. My wife wanted to visit the washroom and excused us. She asked N if she wants to join. I am fine said N. My wife left. This is going to awkward I knew. N again gave me that wicked smile. I smiled back. She came near and said “I know you are hard, I felt your penis against my ass”. She continued “How long have you been like this, I mean, since when do you have hair fetish?” I requested not to tell my wife and said “even since I know”. You wife doesn’t have long hair she said, how do you get satisfied. I had no answer. Have to ever had sex with any long hair girl she asked. I nodded, no. She smiled and said “it’s going to be your lucky day today”. My wife came back. So what now she inquired, shall we go in a pub/bar, have few drinks and dinner thereafter before going home? N suggested we party at home, order food home directly. I agreed. Wife did as well. I went to get the car and stopped where they were standing. N got in the front seat. My wife sat behind. My heart was beating really fast. I took every chance to twist my neck to get a glimpse of N’s bun. Suddenly N said “baal khol du” (should I open my hair). MY wife suggested “let us reach home and you can do it” But N insisted. It’s very hot and my hair has become wet inside. Fine said my wife. N was doing this intentionally. She very well knew her playing with her hair would drive me crazy. The opened her purse, took the comb out and said “No, I better so this at home, you car might get dirty” I wanted to say its ok, I don’t care, do it. But couldn’t. She didn’t open it. Was just teasing me. We reached home. My wife got in the kitchen and N went in washroom. I hope she doesn’t comb her hair inside . Got a txt message. It was the same number, message from N. It read “do you want me to comb my hair here or outside in front of you?” I quickly replied “outside”. She sent LOL. She came out, hair still tied up. Looked at me and raised her eye brows as if questioning me where should I do it? I pointed at the wall with mirror. Facing that mirror she would be able to talk to my wife as the kitchen is just next to that. SHE STARTED. She asked my wife what she was making. Her hand moved up, both the hands. With one hand she supported the bun and with the other she pulled up the pencil which was holding the huge bun. She was facing the mirror, I was sitting behind her, not to close nor far. She put the pencil in her mouth. And now with both the hands she was holding her bun. She turned slightly and looked at me. Confirmation that I was looking. She then smiled, faced the mirror and let go her hands. The bun was still intact. She shook her head a bit AND the bun opened. The bun was below her neck now, still intact. I wanted to see a replay. She shook again and they all trembled down. First time ever I saw a black waterfall , live. She raised her head, the hair almost touched the floor. She then turned her neck and looked at me to inquire how it was. I was sitting there with my mouth open not blinking at all. Totally staring at her. Heard my wife coming, I looked in opposite direction. N continued. My wife sat next to me and was chatting with N. I wasn’t directly looking at her but could slightly. She was removing tangles from her hair. She asked my wife if she could get her comb. She cant find hers. My wife got up and went inside to get her comb. N came near me and said “touch it”. NO I said, are you nuts, my wife would catch us. She got angry, twisted her lips on the side and turned. They way she turned, which was deliberate, her hair touched my face. Tossed against my face. 3rd time today my face was covered with her hair. Wife got the comb and she started coming. Facing the mirror N asked “would you help me comb” I knew the question was for me, to tease me but obvious situation was that she was asking my wife. My wife agreed. She took the comb, grabbed N’s hair from the bottom and started combing it. I couldn’t directly look at all this. I wanted to. N asked “which is your favorite hair style” The question was for me, I knew. My wife was about to say something and her phone rang. She went to pic it up. It was her sister. She was talking on the phone and walking around. N looked at me and asked “your favorite hair style?” I took my cell, googled open hair and showed a pic to her. She said “open” I nodded. She said not possible right now. MY wife’s call ended and she came back. N said to my wife, just comb it, I’ll keep it open for some time. Combing was done and as suggested N kept her hair open. They both went inside, got glasses and booze. My wife inquired if I would want to join them, she herself answered and said “No, we 2 want to be alone. We will go in the guest room.” They left. N looked at me and waved bye. I was all by myself alone sitting outside. I could hear them chatting. 2 hours passed, my wife called me on my cell. They were sitting inside, could have just walked out. I answered the call. She sounded totally drunk. Asked what should be ordered for dinner. I suggested Chinese, she asked N who sounded drunk as well. They agreed and asked me to order. “We are very drunk” said my wife and hung up. I wanted to see N so I knocked the door. N opened and said Hiiiii. She sounded totally drunk. Her hair was tied now. No clip was visible. My wife was lying there and looked at me. “We are very drunk” she said and they both started laughing. She was getting up to get some ice, I said I’ll get it. N said I’ll come with you and she did. N was behind me. She said “bahut piya” (drank too much). She sounded normal. I inquired how much did they have. N said 5. OMG I said you already had 5???? No, I made your wife drink 5. I have only drunk half. She was totally talking in normal tone, I could make out she didn’t drink. She just made my wife drink a lot. WHY???