Re: Re: Long hair story

by Rohit Bol

Part 4

I asked N “You don’t sound drunk, you did not drink, right? You just make your friend drunk and for what? N looked at me after turning around, tilted her face and after biting her lower lips she said “you don’t know why?” I nodded smiling a bit. She said fine if you don’t know it does not make any sense and started walking away. Her hair was tied in a bun, a big clutch was holding it. While walking away from me she took her right hand behind her head and removed the clip that was holding her hair. She removed it slowly and was walking away from me even slower. Nothing happened as the removed the clip, the hair was still intact even without the clip that was holding it earlier. She shook her head to release the bun and the bun got untied and a loose bun was not hanging above her butts. She stopped walking, turned her face to look at me and raised her eyebrows twice to signal if I enjoyed what I saw. I ran towards her, grabbed the hair ball above her ass, collected all the hair behind her hair and pulled her face with her hair so she would now face me. I was breathing heavily. We were now facing each other deciding what to do. My hands were still behind her holding the huge mass. I was rubbing the hair I had collected behind her, on her head, neck as well. She loved it and closed her eyes as this was giving her Goosebumps. She came closer to kiss me but I leaned back. She got sad and with that sad face she inquired “why”. I smiled. She pushed me away. Since I was still holding her hair, when she pushed me, her neck tilted back since the hair that I was holding got pulled. She said “oouch, slowly please”. Came toward me and hugged me. She said “Itne to kitne pasand hair mere baal tujhe, ab to leave it please”. I said “this is the very first time I am holding long hair and I don’t want to leave it or miss any movement to play with it”. She looked at me and said “really, never seen long hair” I said “I’ve seen it but never touched it. Have always just dreamed about it, playing and touching it” I told her that I’ve seen people doing it online in videos and I had always wished to be that men who plays with long hair girls”. She inquired what are these videos about, what do they do and what it that I like is. I told her they make bun, braids, there are hair trimming videos, oiling videos etc. She inquired so while watching these videos what happens to you and what do you do? I got a little embarrassed and while smiling I said nothing. Really, nothing she said. What about when you are looking at hairjob videos. I was shocked to hear this. N knows what hairjob is. How??? I was just standing there completely blank. She waved in front of my face to see if I was awake and asked again, tell me what you do. I love it, I said. Bus, you love it and do nothing, she said. I had nothing to say. Fine don’t tell me, she said and tried to remove her hair from my hand. I let her hair go. She walked and entered my room. My wife was still in the guest room. N peeked from my room’s door and asked me to come in with her finger. I pointed at the guest room and she said “woh nahi uthegi abhi, she is sleeping now” I went to the guest room, slowly opened the door to peek, to my surprise, my wife was sleeping. I closed the door. My bedroom door was closed as well. I knocked and no one answered. I opened the door and N was on the bed. She said come in, don’t worry, its your room only. I walked in and she asked me to close and lock the door. MY heart was beating fast. Not sure what’s going to happen. I was standing besides the bed and N was still lying on my bed. Her hair was under her. She asked me to come and sit. I was sitting on the edge of my own bed now. She got up. Collected all her hair and made a bun on top of her head. What a view it was. A huge big bun on top of her head. She looked at me and asked me to come inside and be seated properly. I rested my back on the pillow and was sitting in the middle of the bed now. She crawled towards me and sat on my lap. She asked me to raise my hands and as I did, she remove my tshirt. She grabbed my chest and squeezed it as if they were boobs. She lowered her hand towards my tummy and later grabbed my shorts to untie the knot. She moved back and was on my thighs now. She went on my knees, still sitting. She kissed my dick which was already clearly huge and visible. She licked the juice that was on my shorts. My penis head was just behind it. She grabbed the lower part of my shorts and removed it. The shorts got stuck on my penis and she pulled it again. My shorts were on my knees now and penis wide open. She rolled her tongue on her lips from left to right on the upper lip and continued to the lower lip while looking at my penis. She got up, was now standing on the bed. She lowered and removed the shorts. I was completely naked in front of N now. She asked me to spread my legs and sat down between my legs. Her back was facing me. I only thing I could see was the big huge bun on the top. I raised my hand to touch it but she pushed my hand back and said, hold on, hold on. She raised her hands and asked me to remove it. I touched her hair to untie the bun. She said not my hair, tshirt, remove my tshirt. The only thing on my mind at present was her hair and the things I wanted to do with it. I lowered my hands from her head and grabbed her tshirts end to lift it. I was lifting it and I noticed she was not wearing any bra. I removed her tshirt. She was topless now. She lied on my chest and raised her waist to remove her bottoms. She kicked it with her other leg to remove it completely. We both were fully naked now. She moved her ass between my legs and when her ass touched my penis, she sat and lied on my bare naked chest. Her head was resting my my shoulder now and I could see her perky pointed boobs now. I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing it. Moved my finger to squeeze her nipples. She was enjoying it. I kissed her neck while still playing with her boobs. Kissed her ear. She turned her head toward me so we could kiss. We started smooching and I was still playing with her boobs. She inserted her tongue in my mouth to find my tongue and we were licking each other’s tongue now. I lowered my hand and rested it on her thighs. Her legs were crossed and she opened it for me. She wanted me to touch her pussy. I rubbed my hands around her pussy and she bit my lips. Still kissing I took my right hand just above her pussy and slightly touched it. She moved her head on my shoulder. I took both the hand and did spread her pussy. I rubbed the outer layer of her pussy with my middle finger. Then inserted it in her pussy. It was wet. I wanted to drink the juice and I licked my finger that I inserted in her vagina. I pushed both the middle finger in her pussy now and was rolling it in her pussy. I licked it again. She moved her back a bit away from my and grabbed my penis. She was playing with my penis and my balls. She rubbed her thumb on my penis head and licked her thumb. We both were indirectly drinking the juice coming out from our genitals. She leaned forward while still sitting and turned toward me. She was on her knees and hands on the bed. Perfect doggy fuck style but was facing me. He grabbed my penis with one hand and started stroking it. From the bottom to the head and stopped. She moved her head closer to my penis and licked the head of my penis. Stroked it again and did the same thing. She kissed my balls, licked it and sucked both the balls in her mouth while still stroking my penis. She later licked the entire penis and inserted it in her mouth. She gave me a deep throat job. She let go my penis and came toward me to kiss me and sat on my lap. My penis was behind her, on her ass. We kissed and she raised her waist. Got hold of my penis and inserted in her wet pussy. I went inside with ease. She opened the first knot from her hair. The hair bun was now loose and behind her. I bent on the side to take a look and it was in the middle behind her. She shook her head a bit and it all opened on my lap. She took her hand behind her neck and collected all the hair and brought it in the front. The left boob was not covered with her hair and her hair was resting on my tummy. With her hair, she covered her right boob as well. It was a black blanket covering her topless body. She grabbed the hair that was on my tummy and rubbed it on my chest. Collected all the hair and was rubbing it on my face as well. She slowly started moving her waist on my penis. Sideways and later front and back. I grabbed her boobs with hair covering it and rubbed her hair on her boobs in circular motion. She kissed me and while still kissing, she moved her waist up and down slowly on my penis. She stood up from her waist up and started jumping on my penis. Hair still in front started jumping as well on my tummy. She threw her hair back while still jumping and fucking my penis. My legs could feel her hair. She raised her head and more hair was touching my legs now. I grabbed her nipple and squeezed it. Got up to suck it but she pushed me. She wanted me to stay lied flat on the bed so she could enjoy the penis deeper in her. She moved her feet, they were now next to my tummy and moved back. With one hand supporting her body on the bed, she was squeezing her boobs with the other and still fucking me deep. Within minute I could notice she is going to have an orgasm. She started fucking me vigorously and had her orgasm. Penis still in her pussy, she lied on my chest satisfied. I was enjoying the smell from her head and kissing her hair. I took the hair, collected it and rubbed it on my face. She said I love you. Never had I ever had such a wonderful orgasm. She kissed my chest and got up. My penis was still erect. She went inside the washroom to clean. I took my shorts and was wearing it. She came out and said “what are you doing, its not over yet.” I removed the shorts and happily went on the bed. She said “good boy, now its my turn”. I had no clue. She asked me to stand on the bed, I did. My penis was not erect now. She came on the bed and was on her knees now. She went down to my penis head and took it in her mouth, she sucked the entire penis in her mouth and was sucking it like a lollipop. My penis was starting to erect again. She took the penis out from her mouth and started rubbing it to make it huge. Would lick the head in between of her stroking my penis to drink the juice. It was erect again and she sucked it to make sure it stays erect. When she was in the washroom, she had make a hair bun and was using a toothbrush to hold it. She turned and was now rubbing her bun against my penis. What a feeling it was. For the first time my penis was touch someone’s hair. It made me crazy and soo horny. She removed the toothbrush while still holding her hair asked me to insert my penis in her hair. She turned, licked the juice and asked me to enter the penis in her hair now. I tried but it won’t go in. I tried another angle but still no luck. Later pointed at the place I should insert my penis in her hair. I tried and it went a bit. What a lovely feeling it was. My penis head was in her hair bun now. She asked me to push deeper and I did finding the gaps. My entire penis was in her hair bun now. She was stroking her hair bun with both her hands on my penis. She let go her hair. My penis was still holding her hair like the toothbrush that was holding it earlier. I tried to fuck it as if it was her pussy and the hair fell down on her back and was on the bed now. She turned toward me and removed the hair that was on my penis and sucked it. She collected her hair and rolled it on my penis. My penis was covered with her hair expect the top head and she sucked it. I pushed my penis deeper in her mouth. Now she had my penis in her mouth with hair covered on it and she was sucking it. Hair was getting wet from the saliva. She removed the penis from her mouth and untied the hair to just redo it and insert it in her mouth. I was getting excited and could have an orgasm anytime. She looked at me and said “if you are going to cum, let me know, I want it all in my mouth please” I had no objections. She asked me to lie how and I did. She was standing on the bed now and moved her open hair behind her. She slept on me facing upwards. Her hair was covering my naked body and above her hair was her naked body. She was rubbing her hair on my entire body. She got on the side besides my penis, collected her hair and dropped all of it on my penis. She kissed my hair covered penis and later sucked it deep with hair in her mouth. She kept sucking and stroking my dick with hair covered. I told her that I may cum anytime now and please don’t stop. She rolled her hair on my dick and started sucking and stroking it. I was going to cum and I told her. She started stroking it faster moving her mouth closer to my dicks head. I had my first hairjob. White liquid in huge quantity rushed out of my penis into her open waiting mouth. She kept stroking my dick to make sure every drop goes in her mouth. She licked the penis dry and removed the hair from my dick and rested her head on my chest.