Anyone wanna roleplay on Kik/Discord??

Hello! Glad to meet people who have have a thing for long beautiful hair!

I don't know if it's allowed or not but I seek someone to RP with either on Kik or Discord!

I'm looking for someone who can play as a submissive Nico Robin from One Piece. (I can provide more pics if you'd like)

I also have hair fetish so licking, flipping, sucking, pulling, draping or simply describing hair in the RP is a major turn on.

My other kinks include abuse, ryona, hatefuck, incest, BDSM, bullying, slavery, clothed RP, foreplay, humiliation, degradation, teasing.

I would also loove to know all about your kinks and limits either related to or not related to hair!

Just KIK me at pizzawaffle666 or hit me up on Discord rp6669#5349 if interested!