Re: Re: Re: Re: Suzana

by Anon

I was half joking. The odds that this happened to Suzana are infinitesmal.

But honestly, yes Fox has the highest ratings, but only because it's the only network on that side of the fence. Add up MSNBC, CNN, and all the other majors, and Fox doesn't win.

And it's hard to see unless you're in it because it's not going to be covered by mainstream news, but there are hundreds and thousands of people being deplatformed en masse from twitter, facebook and instagram this year. Many are extremists and espouse unAmerican ideologies. But many more are much more level headed, nonracist, nonextremists and they're still being taken down. Scientists, officials, doctors, anyone who says things our corporate sponsors don't want you to hear. Our free speech in this vein is being censored and limited, and Biden is now asking mobile carriers to monitor even private text messages and censor them.

Just about everyone with a functional brain can see that cancel culture is a disease. Honest discourse has always been the lifeblood of a free society.

Sorry, off topic and likely to be taken down, but that's your answer.