New Long Hair Story

by Rohit Bol

My friend's parents had approved a girl and wanted my friend to visit the girls place, meet her and her parents for marriage. My friend is a very shy person and asked me to tag along with him. My friend and me had gone for some work 50 km from the girls resident and he wanted me to join him and I agreed. My friend’s parents called the girls parent and informed that Jay there son and his friend Rohit would be coming soon. The girls parents had already seen Jay's (my friends picture). We reached around 1 pm at the girls place, I insisted I sit in the car and he go visit them but he pushed me and I agreed to go inside with him. The girls parent greeted us at the door, small house 1BHK, Jay introduced himself and touched the girls parents feet and then he introduced me. We went inside sat and the girls father started talking about the hot weather, any problems we faced in the travel, etc etc. The girls mother went inside. I excused and asked for washroom, the girls father directed me inside the room (I think it had a nicer clean washroom) I went inside AND paused for a sec......I saw the girl.....her mother was helping her brush her below knees hair. The girls father directed me left where the washroom was. I could not believe what I saw; super loooonnngg thick hair below knees, my penis was already hard and could not pee properly lol. I opened the door slightly to get another glimpse of the girl but they were not there. I washed and came out. The girls father introduced her daughter to me saying "this is Rohit Jay's best friend" and Jay this is my daughter Riya. I said hello trying to see what hair style she did. Riya was sitting in front of me so I could not get a glimpse of her hair; I wanted to see the long rapunzel hair again.

Riya's father suggested Jay and Riya talk in private/alone to know each other better. They left to sit inside Riya's room. Riya father asked me about my education and Jay's as well. The only thing I wanted to talk about was Riyas beautiful hair. After 15 mn Jay came out and asked Riyas parents if they can go out for some ice-cream etc, Riyas parents agreed. Jay asked me to come along and I said YES. My friend does not drive and does not have a car so thats the reason he asked me to come. I was driving, Jay sitting next to me and Riya at the back. They never spoke a word; Riya was just giving me direction to the nearest ice-cream shop. We reached and I asked them to continue as I had some urgent calls to make. I was sitting in the car, I saw Riya from behind again OMG she was covering her head with chuni and there was a big huge round BUN visible from her transparent chuni. I could see both of them having conversations and eating ice-cream, the only thing my eyes were on - RIYA's HUGE BUN. Suddenly Riya let go her chuni from her head and I could clearly see the huge bulk of hair. She pulled two sticks from her huge bun and slowwwwllly came down the waterfall of her long hair...I was totally hard and would have jerked if I was not in the car. Her hair below knee length was flowing open there, I suddenly realized that Jay and Riya were talking about her long hair as she was turning back and show Jay how long the hair was. I never knew Jay was hair fetish and I never told him I was one as well. This happened for 15 - 20 min and Riya formed a bun again and covered her hair. After some time I watched Riya wiping tears from her eyes, I did not want to interfere. They both came back, sat and we left. We reached Riya's place sat there for another 30 min and left. The only thing I wanted to talk to Jay was HOW LUCKY HE WAS to have a rapunzel in his life. Jay started the conversation - how did you like? Parents? House? Nature? And Riya. I said boy its ur life and you have to decide. I asked him the same thing - how did you find. Jay said its OK. And suddenly he said, DID you notice her hair???? Before I could say anything Jay said, "I asked Riya if she wants to marry me she would have to cut her hair short, I dont like long hair old fashioned girls, I asked her to cut the hair short and keep it open and she started crying, what is there to cry???" I asked Jay did you ask Riya for how many years she has been growing her hair. Jay said no. I asked - do you think its easy to maintain such long glorious hair? Jay said no and asked me to marry her if I like her and laughed.

Part 2

Jay and Riya got engaged after few weeks on condition that Riya would cut her hair short before marriage, Riya somewhat agreed. Riya used to come to out city visit Jay’s place which is when I get the opportunity to meet her and see her hair. Jay does not have a car so I used to drive them around and get view of the sexy long hair. Time passed…… Jay and I had some business related work and had to visit Riya’s town. The last movement because of some urgent work either of us had to stay and the other one had to leave for Riya’s town. Since Jay does not drive he suggested I leave and he would take care of things here. I reached Riya’s town around 2:00 pm. Got busy with work and it was getting dark. I checked my mobile which was in car and had 6 miss calls, 5 from unknown numbers and 1 from Jay. I called the unknown number 1st and asked “Hi received a call from this number I am Rohit who is this?” The person said its Sharma uncle Riya’s father and my heart started beating fast. He said “Beta you have comes to our town and you never call us??? He said he spoke to Jay and he said that you would have to stay overnight and insisted stay at his place rather then hotel. I said no uncle its ok, I will manage. I know how hard it was for me to say no. But he insisted. Jay was calling me on the other cell phone. I asked uncle to hangup and I’ll call him as Jay was calling me. Spoke with Jay and he said since the work is not going to be over today I stay at Riya’s place tonight and back to work tomo morning. I said no but he insisted as well. AND I AGREED. Called up Sharma uncle and said I would be coming but might be late. Received a call from unknown number and picked up..IT WAS RAPUNZEL RIYA. She said “Hi Rohit, dad just informed me you are coming (sounded very excited - strange) I said yes work is yet to get over and would have to stay, was planning hotel but your dad and Jay insisted I stay at your place. Riya said obviously at least give us the opportunity once and you are no outsider (felt good).

So the work got over and reached Riya’s place around 10:00 pm. Riya’s mother greeted me at the door, Riya no where to be seem. Sat down had water and asked where Sharma uncle is, aunty said he sleeps early. I said where Riya is, aunty said just cleaning her room for you. I SAID WHY??? Aunty said “beta we just have one room and we cant give guest any trouble. I said I am no guest aunty, please I will sleep anywhere don’t ask Riya to move from her room. AND THEN Riya came out of her room. Probably she just had a bath, towel was covering her sexy hair (the view I had come for ) and was in white pajamas and white top. Riya’s mother said “look Riya was Rohit is saying, he says he does not want to you leave your room and would adjust with us in the hall. Riya said “Mom he thinks us as outside and does not like staying here” I said “its nothing like that, I can sleep any where and don’t want you guys to take so much trouble” Riya said “No, you sleep in my room and I would sleep on the sofa near mom and dad.”

Riya’s mom was feeling sleepy and suggested Riya to take care of me if I need anything and left. Dinner done and Riya showed me her room and asked me to be comfortable and call her if I need anything. I looked around and there were 2 huge pictures of Riya with open hair pasted on wall. I looked and said “wow – is that you Riya?” She said yes, both are 4-5 years ago. I don’t know from where I got the courage and I said “you have the most beautiful hair I have ever seem”…..Riya said “probably some don’t think it that way (referring to Jay I think) I said “they are nuts” and she started laughing. Riya and I sat on the bed and she showed me some of her old pics from an album. I penis was super tight looking at those pics but controlled. Riya’s hair was still covered with towel. It was around 11:00 pm and Riya left. I went to her dressing table and the brush had her long hair stuck in it. Smelled the brush, the clips and other hair products there. Could not get my eyes of the 2 picture of her on the wall. I had a bath and came out changed. Someone knocked and I opened the door – It was Riya….Now with slightly wet, open but twisted hair asked if she could have the brush from the dressing table, I said please take and has the view of her hair from back. Black, wet, long knees length hair. The room was filled with the fragrance of the hair. Man I wanted to grab her from behind, pull her hair and enter my wet penis in her wet pussy. Riya asked if I want anything, I did not hear her the 1st time and she said hello??? Do you want anything? Clearing my throat I said no. She left…..After sometime anther knock and it was Riya again, wanted dryer. I said are you planning to dry your hair outside? Wont uncle aunty get up??? She said O,yes then what to do, I said its your room do it HERE.

Part 3

Riya agreed to dry her hair in the same ROOOM. I had some work but my laptop’s battery died and the charger was in the car. I asked Riya if you have a charger and she said she does not have a laptop but can use her computer if I want to. I agreed. She helped me start her computer, the password screen came up and she said the password is riya8. I entered it and the desktop wallpaper was from the engagement with Jay. Jay and Riya at the center, me standing next to Riya and another friend standing next to Jay. I said nice pic, has me as well. Riya said “I know”. Btw – Riya was looking awesome on her engagement day. Green saree, old bollywood style huge bun (which Jay did not like of course.). I said you looked really pretty on your engagement day. She smiled started removing the tangle from her hair. The dressing table was next to the computer tab and I could see hair covered on one side touching floor and Riya running her finger between them to remove tangle. Riya took the big teeth comb and started brushing her hair, 1st from temple to shoulder, then took her hair in left hand and brushed the bottom. I gather courage and asked “How do you manage to shampoo and dry your hair alone?” Riya said “Mom always helps me shampoo and DRY” I asked “CAN I???” She smiled and said no, its ok. I insisted saying “I can see you are having difficulties removing the tangle and brushing your hair.” SHE SAID…….No, its ok. I went back checking my email and seeing her brushing her hair. Completed my email checking and started to spy around Riya’s PC. 1st opened up hidden files and run a search for .avi files. Came up with few which were from the engagement. I opened up my download and there was a hidden folder name “New” I opened and my EYES POPPED OUT. There were around 30 pics and ALL THE PICS HAD ME IN IT. Some I realized were from my xyz page and other I had no clues from where she got it AND THEY WERE ALL HIDDEN. I had no courage to ask her from where she got the pics AND why the hell she has my pics on her PC that too hidden. My heart was beating faster then ever….One side Riya brushing her hair…..the other side the PC screen with my pics. Riya plugged in the dryer and started it. HAIR flowing up and down and fragrance filling the room. Riya called me said “if you don’t mind can you just hold the dryer in the direction I say?” I agreed. She handed me the dryer and did hold it as she suggested. She was running the brush, then finger then comb on her hair and I was just watching the most awesome scene if my life. The hair was flowing everywhere. She lifted all her hair on top and asked me to blow the neck portion. I soo much wanted to kiss the neck. Suddenly Pantene came out of my mouth. She dropped all her hair on side and with open eyes stared at me. Riya said “How the hell did you know I used Pantene today? She said this was the 1st time she has ever used Pantene.” Then she asked “Did you GF also use Pantene??” The question was DID and not DOES so she knew that I had a GF and none at present. I said I never had a GF, and she said don’t lie I know Jay told me about ur GF and you both broke up 6 months ago. Riya asked what happen “I said my GF wanted me to join her and move out of country” I wanted to stay as my business was growing..and we broke off.” I asked Riya what about you any BF? She said she never had one, I said don’t lie I will ask Jay and he wont lie. Riya said “Go ahead and ask him, he does not know anything” There was a minute silence and Riya said “there was one guy from my college, used to follow me everywhere; he also used to follow me home.” I asked so? Riya said “I complained as I got scared and my complained in police, since then it stopped….I came to know that he liked my long hair very much and had around 100 pics of me” I said “no wonder anybody would be mad behind hair like yours, Riya you have one of the best hair in the whole world, you are kind off Indian rapunzel” and she started laughing…..And said “thanks for the complement, no one has ever called me Rapunzel” The dryer was still blowing and her hair was flying all over the place. She asked me “Do you like long hair” I said “I love long hair and Jay is the luckiest guy in the whole world” Riya asked “Did you Ex have long hair, I said “yes but not as gorgeous as yours, you have the best hair in terms of texture, length, volume” She was delighted to hear that and said “thanks, I wish Jay was like you” I asked Riya for how many years has she be growing her hair “since 5th grade” came the reply “I just trim the split ends every 2 month. I asked who does the trimming, she said it’s usually mom or I do it. I asked her not to cut it. Riya asked if I have any pics of my EX, I said she is still in my xyz network. Riya said “you are on xyz???” I said yes and Riya suggested I send her a friend request. I opened my account from my cell searched her and sent her the request. Then I opened up my X’s profile and showed her. Riya looked at the pic and said “good, send me the friend request” and I said already done. I looked at the profile pic and said “nice pic” Riya got up and went to the computer to open her account and accept my invitation. I suddenly realized that the hidden files that had my pics is still open on the computer and I forgot to close the window when she called me to hold the dryer. Riya looked at the screen and slowly raised her head and looked at me. I never looked at her, behaved as if I was busy with my cell phone. Knock on the DOOR. It was Riya’s father…..In a rush he said “Riya….Mishra uncle had a heart attack and has been admitted. You mom and me have to leave….He looked at me and said Sorry Beta but we have to leave” Riya’s dad left, I asked who is Mishra uncle, she said dad’s cousin brother, lives alone. Riya dad came back and said “Rohit beta can you do us a favor? Can you please drop us at station as we wont get any transport at this time” I agreed and went inside the washroom and changed. We have and I dropped Riya Mom Dad at station which was 20 min from there place. I came back where I parked my car and started it. Got a call from Riya she said “Did you drop them? When are you coming back? Want to talk to you. Please come fast.”

Part 4

Riya’s home from station is around 20 min, it felt like 200 hours driving back to her place. Multiple thoughts going on my mind, what would it be, what would she say, would it be the luckiest night of my life, I was going crazy. Riya’s dad handed me the home key just in case Riya has gone to sleep. Finally I reached, parked and went in through the main gate. I had the key still I called up Riya to open the door as I did not want to ring the bell. Riya answered and said the door is open and close it while coming in. I entered, Riya no were in the living room, her room lights were on and the door slightly open. My heart was racing, could not decide who was harder, my dick or my heart beats. I opened Riya’s room door, RIYA WAS THERE, sitting facing the wall on her knees, the white pajama and the white top. HAIR tied up in loose HUGE BUN which was facing me. OMG I was totally hard. Riya said “TOUCH IT” I knew she was referring to her hair but still I asked “WHAT??” Riya turned, her loose bun hit her left cheek, the huge bun opened and black waterfall was created on the white top she was wearing, the black water fall rested on the bed sheet. “FUCK” came out of mouth, it was like slow-mo for me…..her turning, bun hitting cheeks and opening up the black mass. She said “I have been noticing you from the day 1, the way you look at me and my hair” She continued “You forgot to logout from your email account” OMG my email had all kind of emails from long hair forums and fans. Riya said “I always wanted a hair lover like you, who would love my hair, take care of my hair and do whatever he wish with my hair” “From the day I saw you I liked you” “The 1st time I saw you was in mirror, my mom was combing my hair and you entered, I saw you in the mirror and was very excited as I though you were the one you had come to see me, then mom said you are the boy’s friend when you went inside the washroom” “I was disappointed” I could hardly believe what I was hearing, I was just concentrating on the hair which were on the side resting on the bed. She continued “Rohit, I have been noticing you and I know you love my hair” I was speechless. She got up, the hair still on side covering her left boob. She was wearing white which made the hair clearly visible. She walked towards me, could notice her right boobs nipple and was sure she was not wearing bra. She stopped in front of me, closed her eyes and started unbuttoning her top. Done with the last one below waist and I could see the entire naked body from neck to navel. Her right boobs still covered with the top and left covered with hair. I grabbed her and hugged her. Felt soo good, her hair was touching my cork, I am pretty sure she would have felt the cork against her body. I pulled the top out, the right boobs visible now, left covered with hair. I moved all her hair back and she was now topless in front of me. Her eyes still closed. I closed my eyes and kissed her lips. She felt a current and hugged me. I was not hugging the hair on her naked back. Felt awesome, kept on moving my hands on her naked back with hair. I reached out to her ass and squeezed it with still hair in my hand, she hugged me tightly. We started kissing again, passionately now with tongue greeting each other and drinking each others saliva. I wanted the saliva on my cork. I was barely holding all the hair behind her head; I could not grab all the hair as they were huge in volume. We were still kissing. I reached out to her neck and kissed her; I continued to her ears and kissed it. I know she felt good as he grabbed my ass. She reached out to my T-shirt above waist and pulled it up. I helped her remove it. She was staring at my chest and said “What is this??” I got scared and asked “what??” Riya said “I just love it, I love man with chest hair and you have entire check covered with it, OO Rohit I love you” and started moving her face on my bare chest and kissing every part of it. She sucked my nipple and was going crazy. I never knew girls liked chest hair soo much. I was going mad and turned her and hugged her. Her hair on her back was now touching my bare top. I grabbed her boobs and massaged it. They were perfect round. I circled around the nipples and pinched it. She loved it and bit my ear. I grabbed her pajama with her underwear and pulled it down. She ran, covered her face and faced the wall. She was shy, I could see her naked legs. Nothing else was visible as the hair was covering it all. I smiled asked “what happen” She nodded. I went close, move the hair in front to have a view of her naked body from behind. Grabbed the ass the she turned and hugged me again. She asked me to remove me pants. I did so. We were now two naked bodies hugging each other. Her hair now touching on naked cork. We kissed and she touched my cork. Pushed me behind to see what she was holding and out came her eyes. She looked at me and gave me a flying kiss. Probably she liked what she saw. She called me near; she sat on the chair, grabbed her hair and started rubbing it on my cork. She then covered my entire cork with her and hair and started stroking it with both hands. I was in heaven. My eyes could barely open, I was enjoying it. “I know you like it” she said. “Want more??” she asked “Obviously” was the reply from me. She put the cork with the hair still covered with it in her mouth. OMG I was going nuts. She was licking her own hair coved on my penis, she removed all the hair from my penis and then covered it again leaving the top part open. She licked it; put her hand and masturbating my cork while licking what was coming out. I have no words to express how it felt. I took all her hair, coved it hands with her hair behind her head and fucked her mouth. I said “I want to lick ur pussy” “not know” she said. I moved back and said “please want to taste ur pussy” She again said “no” grabbed my cork and started sucking it again. I totally loved it but wanted to give her pleasure as well. She asked me to lie down on the floor, I did so, and she came like a tigress to me. Crawling on her hand and knees, hair sweeping the floor on one side. Hair touched me feet’s then knees and she laid all the hair on my cork and was moving her head on it. She made a bun on my cork and was rubbing my penis with her cheeks and head. My penis came out from the bun and she sucked it with both hand holding he bun with penis inside and moving it up down. She move on one side still licking my dick and got up slowly. The hair still coved on my penis, slowly slowly she raised her self and hair was moving out of my penis. She then brushed her hair on my naked body. From feet to head and down again. Covered my dick with hair and slowly teasing it. She put all her hair on my groins and licked it. Started sucking my cork again and slowly moving her legs towards me. Sucking my dick she positioned her pussy over my mouth. It was super wet. I kissed it and she raised her waist. I grabbed her waist and pulled it down. Holding her waist I kissed her pussy again. She wanted to escape as she was not able to control it. I licked her outer pussy juice and she stopped sucking my cork. “Do it again” she said, this time I opened up the pussy with both hands and inserted my tongue deep in her wet pussy. She grabbed my cork tightly and said don’t stop. I inserted my lips, nose, and tongue deep in her pussy and licked it hard. She was going crazy nodding her head up down side ways and grabbing my thighs. I was drinking all the juice coming out of her wet vagina. I inserted my finger in her wet pussy and masturbated it in out. She wanted me to lick her pussy and lowered vagina near my lips. I did it. I stopped, got up, carried her in my hands and took her to bed. Put her down there. I put my middle finger and index finger in her pussy and started masturbating up down. She was going crazy, moving her waist up, touching her boobs. She stood up, grabbed my head and directed it to her pussy suggesting me to drink it. Asked me to come on top of her and wanted my dick. She inserted the entire dick in her mouth. “FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK” She said. I got up, was next to her deciding what position so start with. She got up bent and asked me to fuck her from behind DOGGY style. I went back. Took all the hair form her neck and move my hand till the end. Grabbed her hair with both hands and inserted my cork in her vagina. AAAAAOOOO came the mourn. Pulled her hair in excitement when the entire cork went in. She liked it and said MORE. I started fucking her pussy in out in out pulling her hair. She asked me to put it in. I asked what. She said HAIR. I removed my cork from her vagina. She massaged her pussy with her hair and asked me to insert now with her hair still on pussy. I wasn’t sure how it would feel. I did it. AND it was out of the world experience. MY LOVE for hair on my cork and in wet pussy as well. I could not have asked her more. I started stroking in out with my hair covered cork and she was totally loving it. I was about to discharged but controlled it and moved my cork out. She moved toward me still bent and touched the end of my cork. Lubricant was coming out of it and she touched it with her finger and pulled back creating a web like line. She licked it asked me to lie down. I did, she stood up. Moved all her hair behind her sat with hair facing me on my cork. I stood up and collected all the hair. I wanted to make a bun and tried it but failed. She was sitting on my dick and moving her ass. “Can you teach me how to make bun?” I asked. “Later” she said and continued fucking the dick. I laid back on the bed “ok baba” she said and while fucking she grabbed her hair, twisted and made a bun. I was awesome scene. With both her hand on her head, face slightly tilt, boobs slightly visible making bun of her hair. I got up kissed the bun and opened it. Asked her to repeat and she did it. Picked the hair bun in my hands, smelled and put my entire nose in her huge bun. Opened it and let it flow on my naked chest. She turned and faced me, sitting on me with my penis in her vagina. I moved the hair in the front and kissed it. Rolled the hair on her neck and remaining covering her boobs barely. She pushed me to lay flat and jumped up down on my cork. I removed the roll from her neck, pulled all hair towards me she came down and we kissed. I grabbed her ass higher and fucked her pussy. I was about to cum and stopped. Riya said “I want you to cum on my hair” She sat on the knees and made a bun on top of her head. I got up interested my dick in the smooth silk and started stroking. It felt like heaven. A dream come true for hair lovers. I stroked and finally came out the huge white cream out of my dick all on her hair.

Part 5

I bent down. Riya holding her hair turned, we kissed. She asked me for her panty and I got it. She opened the hair to clean my sperm, it was all on top and I took the panty and cleaned it. I asked “you won’t be washing your hair?” She said “No, I never wash my hair without oiling it.” WOW….”Can I oil your hair and then we can wash it?” “Sure” she said. She ran, got the oil bottle and sat down in front of the chair. I sat on the chair and took the bottle. Man…another dream come true, oiling a rapunzel. I never had done this before so asked her from where should I start. She suggested to oil different part of her scalp then massaged it. I parted the hair and poured hair in different section on the scalp. Kept the bottle down and with my finger started massaging her scalp. I was little hard again feeling and seeing the wet hair just between my legs. I asked her to hold all the hair up and massaged her neck and above portion. She was enjoying it as I could see goose bumps on her hand. The view was awesome, Riya holding the hair up high, I massaging her hair and WE BOTH were still naked. She dropped her hair and it came hit my cork and got erection. My cork was super hard now and was touching Riya’s head. I grabbed the hair with the cork in it and started stroking it. Riya delighted and said “again????, you have a erection again???? I was still jerking my cork and loved it. She turned her head and grabbed my dick, moved the hair and sucked it for a while. I stopped her……was afraid I would discharge again. I asked how she would want to oil the rest of her hair. She said “take oil in hand, rub it and then rub it all over the hair” I poured oil on my hand, she got up, back facing me with all the hair she bent, grabbed my penis from between her legs and started rubbing it against her pussy, did it for a while and sat on my dick. My dick went smoothly inside her still wet pussy. My hand still sticky with oil grabbed her hair and with both the hands rubbed her hair. She was pumping my cork and the harder I pulled the hair, harder she jumped on my dick. I applied oil on my hands again and rubbed it on her hair, she was not stopping and I was enjoying oiling her hair. She leaned back and the oily hair was touching my chest making it oily as well. She was sitting on my laps now and giving me lap dance with my cork still inside. She asked if I was done oiling. She checked her hair and said, enough oil. With the cork still inside she turned and faced me. The chair was small and she raised her legs and put it on the chairs arm. She grabbed the chairs arm and started fucking again. I could see the wet oily hair dancing behind her. I got hold of her ass and helped her. Did it for a while and she suggested lets go in shower. She walked on her toes, teasing me and went inside. I walked in and she started the shower and asked if I would help her shampoo and conditioner her hair. “SURE WHY NOT”. She handed me the shampoo bottle and I poured it directly on her hair, she said this won’t be enough and asked me to pour more. I did, and started rubbing it all over the hair. She ran her finger on her head and then grabbed on cork and started rubbing it, my cork was touching her ass and she was holding my cork from behind. “Man it’s a difficult task” I said. She said “I know, I wash my hair twice a week.” She lifted her left leg and asked me to hold it. Then took my cork and rubbed it over her pussy before again inserting it inside her vagina. I carried her, holding her ass and her legs crossed behind me, pushed her against the wall and fucked her hard. The hair was still with shampoo. She went under the shower and started removing the shampoo from her hair. I grabbed her from behind and bent her. Her hair touch with floor, she was bent and I inserted my dick in her pussy, I fucked her doggy style. She was still cleaning her hair and I was enjoying my fuck. I was about to come and she suggested mouth. She quickly bent and took my cork in her mouth. She jerked it a little bit and off came the liquid from my penis and she drank it all.

Part 6 The End (Hair Cutting).

I helped the rapunzel wash and conditioner her hair. She smiled at me and said “this is the first time I had bath twice in one night”. She covered her hair with towel and we walked out. I helped her get dressed and lay on the bed facing each other. I just could not believe what all happened, it was a dream come true. She said “can I ask you something??” I was scared, what would it be, how would I convince Jay to leave her so I can marry Riya, what about my parents, Riya’s parent and Jay’s parent who have known me since I was a kid, how would they take it, should I and Riya run away….I was going crazy. She repeated again “Rohit, can I ask you something?” I said “Yes, anything my angel”

“CUT MY HAIR SHORT” came the reply. I was shocked. I was thinking something else and she was completely on some other track. I asked “WHY??” “Jay won’t like it and might not marry me if I don’t” She said. I said “so what, I would” She said “it’s not possible; I can’t go against my father, besides we would be seeing each other often” how could she even think of a thing like this, cutting??? She has gone nuts. I was going mad. She asked “would you??” NEVER I said. “Fine, I’ll ask Jay to do it; he has offered me soo many times to help me cut the hair, I know if Jay does it he would cut just below shoulder, that’s the reason I am asking you so you would cut what I want. I want between shoulder and waist” she said. I said “How can you do such thing, you told me its been since 5th grade you have not cut it, just trim, that is the best thing you have, such lovely, thick, long rapunzel hair” She replied “Cut my hair and you can have it, keep it with you, whenever you want I will come help you masturbate with the hair. Please Rohit, I want you to be it – You are the one who loves my hair the most and I want you to cut it. I want you to be the last person who touches my long hair.”…………………...

I agreed. The hair still wet, she removed the towel. Wow, loved the fragrances that come out. She got up, walked and pulled out a comb, scissor, came to me and handed it over to me. She pulled a bed sheet from the cupboard and spread it over the floor. Took the chair and put it in the center of the bed sheet. Sat on the chair, moved all her hair back and covered her top with the towel. Her hair resting on the bed sheet she said I am ready. I went closer, combed the hair straight. Touched it and kissed it goodbye. She took a band and tied it and asked me to cut below the band. She asked me to do it very slowly, moving the sharp scissor lightly and chopping off her hair. I grabbed the hair from where the band was with my left hand. Took the scissors in my right and moved it closer to her hair, I opened the scissor and slowly moved it closer to her hair. Now the hair was in the scissors V shape. A snip and they would leave the most gorgeous hair collection.

Riya turned, pushed me and said “Are you fucking out of your mind, how you can even agree to harm something you love the most, FUCK Jay, fuck everyone. I cant have a better lover and partner who cares soo much for my hair, I want my every night to be like tonight” We kissed, I carried her and put her on the bed and blanket covered us. END