Long Hair / Short Hair Illusion

by Hans

I love these kind of short hair / long hair "illusion" vids:



The second vid is especially arousing for me. It brought this fantasy to me, to which I have jerked off to dozens of times, since discovering the vid a few days ago.

Imagine you are on a blind date with this Goddess.

You are attracted to her from the very first glance.

Beautiful face, smoking body, and that amazing hair. You just caught a glimpse at the start of the date, but it looks exactly that - AMAZING. Mid-back length, thick, voluminous and soft, rounded ends.

The date itself goes great. You both hit if off straight away. The conversation is amazing, lots of laughter, stolen touches of each others arms, teasing and even sexual innuendo. From both sides. It's clear she seems into you as much as you are into her. And the whole time you are thinking to yourself "I want her. I want to play with her hair".

At the end of the evening (which has flown by), she invites you back to her place. It seems like your earlier wishes will come through! Even if no sex, surely you'll at the VERY least get to touch her hair!?!

And when you get to her place, the first thing she says is "I like how you look at me, but I also noticed you looked at my hair a lot. Do you like my hair?".

"YES..." is all you can reply.

At which point, she turns around, reaches up to the ribbon holding up her hair, and pulls it open, letting her hair fall down in a shimmering flow to it's full length. You are mesmerized. Realizing for the first time, that her hair is even more amazing than you intially thought. Not mid-back length in fact, it actually goes all the way past her curvy ass, just as thick at the ends as it is at half lenght.

As her hair settles down and stops moving and swaying from it's recent release, she turns back around to face you, and asks "Is this better?".

The rest of the evening is for you to imagine, as you please. I know I have. Many, many, MANY times!

By the way, this is also the same Goddess who gave us this amazing ponytail pic:

Her IG page: instagram.com/my_fascinating_hair/