Pantene= panteneathonaly, r sumptin?

by pc

we ran out of shampoo and had to buy some

WhiteRain, at the closest store [nexxxt closest if 15 miles].

azz we showered, together, i was reading the end greedy ends.

time kisko make fun of me??? he posted this???

i wanna no, how'd he git a pic of my putor in that lil frog that you try to gig and drag home,,BUTT,,it gits away when u lego, up thar ^.??.


time-in.....wait, i'll go git it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


panthenol (provitamin b5)

in whiterain shampoo.

panthenol*, panthenyl ethyl echer*

[the * was] pantene pro-vitamin complex

was in her panteen cumditioner [was outa pant teen shampoo,,BUTT,,eyez bet in is in thar, 2]

my point> i dunno..juzz a texxxas size brainfart

[that thar panteneathonaly stuff must be some gud stuff. my wifes hair is purrrrrrfecto]

btw: ninja, tanks 4 yore tanks.

i guess i should said

''cum frum''