by pc

i think her hair is about 6 inches shorter than

when we first met.


hers my list,,BUTT,, if you cum to PCs

there was an XXXcelent 'members only' post

simply called ''DARLENE'',frum lhwipken ,

a couple of days ago.

,, hell,,,,wait-a-minute. i'll go get it 4 u.


if you go to these links,,frum ninja's,

they would follow u back and cause ninja TROUBLES

open this link in a new window,

and use it ,1st, to go to the rest of the links

[i frank a favor];f=9

just open this[ninja's] page/window to copy the linkz

i just love Domino. her hair is perfectamungo.

[copy/paste and add a ht in front of tp://.....]

tp://alvarezt:[email protected]/mt2941ct/models/dj/video/dj2.html

did ya'll notice

[peirced tounge stud = clit flicker]

tp://alvarezt:[email protected]/mt2941ct/models/dj/video/028.jpg

tp://alvarezt:[email protected]/mt2941ct/models/dj/video/dj.html

boy,,is'nt domino clit just PERFECT

the one's we seen,,BUT,,big pics.

tell me if the clips r good

tp://alvarezt:[email protected]/mt2941ct/models/dj/dj.html

also,,tell me some more of the names,,2 surf/save

ok,,finally found just Domino

tp://harrysm:[email protected]/mt2941ct/updates.html

the HOLE pic!!lickalickalicka

tp://harrysm:[email protected]/mt2941ct/models/darlene/video/061.jpg

cum frum

tp://harrysm:[email protected]/mt2941ct/3ftvc.html

tp://jingy:[email protected]/phpfiles/videophofull.php?pvalue=../video/V00305/V00305_photo/V00305_photo_2.jpg

great stuff,,HUH?

now ,, hers my link list i keep on her:

DOMINO [updated 4-15-03]

I REALIZES,,zum r same,,BUTT,, when one goes dead,__________ .



hope u enjoyed. boy,,eyez did!!